About verna

My Yoga Style

I teach Vinyasa classes with a strong focus on alignment and breath. You can expect me sneaking short meditation sessions and pranayama in my classes too.

Although commonly seen as a physical asana practice, yoga can be so much more. It is a practice of self-exploration, a practice of 'being’ rather than 'doing’. Training the mind to be present by dropping our awareness into the now is an important part of the practice. As we become more aware of our bodies, breath, mind, and how everything is connected, we have the space and courage to unveil deeper parts of ourselves. And although I enjoy breaking a sweat doing heart-pumping flows, I encourage my students to find their own pace, feel comfortable in their own skin during practice, and push their boundaries with compassion and mindfulness. Yoga is for everyone, and it’s not a practice confined to a mat. There’s no judgement needed in the practice as it is essential to do the right yoga for your body and not others.

So be prepared to work, sweat, have some fun on the mat as well as taking a step back and witnessing the inner working of the mind when you unwind in mediations. I look forward to sharing my practice with you in hopes that yoga can help you gain not only strength and flexibility, but also better understanding of the Self. It is my deep wish for you to be the fullest expression of yourself.

Svarga DvijasanaBird of Paradise Pose
Natarajasana King Dancer Pose

My Yoga Journey

I’m originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and has been calling Oxford home since winter 2018. I found my way to yoga in early 2013 when a coworker asked me to join a hot yoga class after work. I had no clue of what I was getting myself into when I casually signed up for it. I was never a flexible person (am still not!) and always felt agitated and restless because my job was taking a toll on my mind. And neither did I realise how bad sitting for 15 hours a day battered my scoliotic lower back. That night, I walked out of the studio gasping for air, but felt a huge relieve in the chest and slept like a baby. I was hooked from then on.

Along the way, I ventured out practicing other styles of yoga and fell in love with Vinyasa. It was one stand out class that spun me into realising how healing and powerful yoga could be. My yoga journey has gone through several cycles of peaks and troughs physically, emotionally, and spiritually since. Fast forward five years, I’ve officially traded in the ever-changing Bloomberg terminal screens with a less cortisol inducing approach to life on (and off) my trusty mat. 

In 2018, I had the honour of training with YogaBeyond in Bali. The magical month completely transformed my life and practice. It felt like coming home to a house that had always been there waiting for me to knock on its door. After graduating the 200-hour training, I'm now registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200. I dedicate myself to spreading the love of yoga while continuously learning to deepen my knowledge and strengthening my teaching abilities. 

Yoga is an iterative practice, an inward journey to the Self. Every practice has the capacity to teach something new or to remind oneself of forgotten lessons. There is still so much to learn, but with sincere love and respect, I’d like to thank my teachers (in order of appearance):

  • Tyna Isfeld for bringing Vinyasa into my life;
  • Mona Rangkuty for the patience, empowerment, and inspiration. Meeting her is the reason I took my teacher training;
  • Claudine Lafond for being a radiant source of energy and sharing a tremendous amount of light and joy;
  • Sofie Phoenix for showing me to overcome fears through curiousity when bravery fails; 
  • Honza Lafond for the non-negotiable discipline in meditation; and
  • Adam Whiting for the knowledge of everything anatomy and soul-moving kirtans.